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Please abide to the Rules and Regulations

-Application of ilovesgspree Spree Organizers:
- Please send us your application to ilovesgspree.mods@gmail.com in the following format to be a an official ilovesgspree organizer (Please send only once. Duplication will result in all application rejected):

Subject: Application for ilovesgspree Spree Organizer
Lj nick:
Full name:
I/C number:
Date of birth:
Email Address:
Contact number:
Bank name and account number: (the one used for spree transactions)
Spree Sites or Items : (Please state the spree sites or items that you may organise)
Spree experiences: (you may give us links of your feedback received from ORGANISING live journal sprees (no personal feedbacks) or from other websites like yahoo, ebay or other forums)

Please scan the front and back of your NRIC:
1. if you DO NOT have any experiences at all
2. if any of your feedbacks are less than +15.

- Before submitting your application to be a spree organiser, please make sure that you are a memeber of ilovesgspree community. (Anyone that have submitted their application without becoming a member of ilovesgspree community will will their application immediately deleted)


General Rules for ilovesgspree Spree Organizers:

- Please make sure your font sizes are of reasonable size.

-Please state the status of your sprees clearly in the heading: eg. [Open] Cutie Fashion Spree!
please use tags or words like [Closed], [Shipped], [Arrived] etc.
The most important tags are Open and Closed which MUST be stated clearly so that participants will know.

-Please update your spree-er of the status of the spree regularly, be it on the spree site or through email.

- Comments are NOT ALLOWED to be screened.

- Entries are not to be deleted or edited. If your spree has to be cancelled due to certain circumstances, pls add the word [Cancelled] next to your spree title. For other cases, pls post a new thread.

- Please check the updated exchange rates before posting your spree. You are not allowed to use a higher rate than the rate that is stated in the Exchange rate page.

- Handling fees should not be more than 50cents per participant.

- If you feel uncomfortable dealing with a particular spree-er, you have the right not to deal with him/her.

- Feedback count must be updated regularly and posted before lj-cut together with feedback's hyperlink.

- Spree organiser will be suspended from organising spree if there is more than 3 negative feedback and if the organiser is ruder to the moderators, spamming the mails of the moderators and other unacceptable acts.


What kind of sprees are allowed here?

In general, we approve all kinds of sprees!!! (but will be subjected to approval - especially if its a supplier spree if we think that it is not appropriate)


For Spree-ers
- Everyone are welcome to join. But note that you are joining at your own risk. Do not join any spree if you do not feel comfortable.

-It is your own responsibility to keep a look out for updates via your emails or the threads here. Once you joined a spree here, we hope you can check back regularly for updates so that it makes things easier for the spree organizers too.

-If you feel that a spree organizer is being irresponsible and not doing her job properly or being very unreasonable, pls do not hesitate to inform us.